Breaking Ground: Our New Greenhouse


As the season wraps up and the decade begins to close, things at Michael’s Greenhouses are just starting to fire up. We have broken ground and construction on our brand new, 2-acre greenhouse is in full swing to be ready to start housing your plants in Spring 2020.

Here at Michael’s Greenhouses, conservation and green-thinking are two of the most important things we factor in with our plants and greenhouses. Similar to our other greenhouses, G6 is going to have multiple automated systems to ensure proper movement, rotation, heat and equal sun/water distribution for our plants. The vented roof and energy curtain we are installing allow the greenhouse to maintain proper airflow as well as the correct lighting. During warm, sunny weather, the energy curtain provides shade while it also deflects radiant heat from the greenhouse to allow a cooler setting. By sliding the energy curtain on or off the greenhouse, it allows us to warm or cool the house naturally without having to use a boiler, fan, or cooling unit.

G6 is going to be our latest house installed with a newly developed, ultra-high efficiency boiler system to provide that little extra blast of warmth when the temperature is too cold outside for our plants. With an automated system and pump with variable speeds, it allows us to have complete control on the temperature and ensure we maintain the highest levels of efficiency possible while giving the plants the additional warmth they need.

Along with the new boiler system, G6 is also going to have the same high efficiency watering systems that allow us to provide the sufficient amount of water to each pot without overwatering, under-watering, or wasting any water. G6 will have watering booms that glide right over each bay and spray all potted plants, while the hanger watering system waters each individual pot as they move along an automated three-tiered line. Having a computerized system and preprogrammed watering pattern removes the risk of hand-watering waste or inefficiency and allows us to monitor and conserve the amount of water we use.

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