Biological Control

We strive to protect the environment and grow healthier plants by drastically reducing the use of pesticides in the production of our crops.  Our current practices focus on the use of Biological Control Agents (“BCA’s”).  BCA’s are beneficial insects that target and control pests and diseases naturally, allowing us to grow our plants greener and cleaner.  Our biological control program consists of releasing parasitic wasps, nematodes, and a variety of beneficial mites to target white flies, aphids, thrips and fungus gnat larvae.



MPS-ABC Certification

The More Profitable Sustainability (“MPS”) ABC Certification is awarded to companies that routinely record their application of crop protection agents, fertilizers, and energy and water use in an effort to be a more sustainable operation. We are proud to have maintained an MPS A-rating for our sustainability efforts, and we continue to implement best practices to reduce our impact on the environment.


Commitment to Recycling

We’ve partnered with East Jordan Plastics to recycle the plastic pots and trays used on our farm.  A working greenhouse uses a tremendous amount of plastic in production on a yearly basis.  Currently, our plastic waste goes directly back to East Jordan Plastics, where they recycle and reuse the material.  This allows our employees a safer working environment and provides our customers with a more environmentally friendly product.